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Eurotour Heritage

EUROTOUR HERITAGE seeks to promote rural heritage through local cultural tourism strategies.

EUROTOUR HERITAGE brings together seven rural areas and seven partner organisations in Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, France, Greece, Italy and the United-Kingdom who are joining forces to promote rural heritage using local cultural tourism strategies.   
The project uses a tried and tested method based on the participation of local people, local heritage and tourism professionals and young people, future professionals in these fields.      

The EUROTOUR HERITAGE project partners want to address these objectives:  

- By involving local people in the process through Participative Heritage Workshops (PHW) in which regional stakeholders, people from different socio-professional backgrounds and civil society representatives will jointly establish a heritage development strategy.
- By encouraging the transfer of know-how from older to younger generations living in rural areas and developing their own know-how through 3 multi-disciplinary field-based workshops - European Campuses - open to young volunteers and active retirees from the 7 regions taking part in the project.
- By creating a network based on the exchange of experience and mobility of rural heritage development experts and practitioners as well as cultural tourism professionals in Europe.
- By establishing a partnership-based methodological framework and a European quality standard for the development and promotion of a cultural tourism offer founded on the sustainable development of rural heritage. 

Learn more about the methodology Eurotour-Heritage and its tools

The Mediterranean Centre of Environment is responsible for the elaboration of the Methodological guide and the definition of the Quality standards in cooperation with the partners of the project.

The project partnership includes

  • A core group of 3 co-organising partners  

These 3 partners offer 3 approaches to developing heritage which are central to the project activities and will provide specialised expertise to deliver the project:  
- The Association for Participation and Regional Action (APARE), Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France. As project co-ordinator, APARE has more than 20 years experience in managing European projects (Euromed Heritage 4, Culture, Interreg 3 B, Youth, Grundtvig, etc.). It will propose a tourist route on vernacular architecture called “The Rural Skills and Craftsmanship Trail” in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and will co-ordinate expertise related to the participation of local people in support of heritage.
- Association Marcovaldo – Piedmont – Italy. A cultural association based in the Province of Cuneo which is behind many cultural projects about heritage and artistic creation in rural areas.  
It proposes a “Contemporary Art and Heritage Trail” and will co-ordinate expertise linked to the management of cultural facilities and the introduction of cultural business ventures in projects to promote heritage.
Eurolocal Mallorca – Spain. This organisation is responsible for economic development and professional training on the Island of Majorca and is involved in several cultural co-operation projects related to heritage.  
It will propose a Dry Stone Discovery Trail and will co-ordinate expertise linked to heritage restoration training courses as well as the inter-generational transfer of know-how.

  • The participation of 4 associate partners

The associate partners broaden the network to enhance the methodological resources, promote them in their regions while benefiting from the experience of the co-organisers. They will also contribute to launching the “EUROTOUR Heritage network in a wider European context.

- BAAT Association – South West Rhodops – Bulgaria
BAAT has promoted alternative tourism in Bulgaria since 1998, especially in the Rhodops and is a well-established partner of APARE. It promotes activities in which the cultural sector, local people and local communities work together. It will bring together tourism professionals and tour operators.    
- OL-KIS Association – A network of tourism businesses in the Olympus-Kissavos region of Greece, which targets tourism development of cultural heritage in the Thessaly region.
- The Island Association of Braç – Croatia, which wants to establish a themed trail on dry stone architecture.
- The Southern Uplands Partnership, Southern Scotland, GB which would like to prepare the way for a tourist route on cultural landscapes and history.