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HeriQ - “Heritage Story Telling – Quality Interpretation”

To encourage residents and visitors to protect European natural and cultural heritage, activities for making heritage understood and respected should be developed. The success of such activities is determined by the quality of the heritage interpretation. Thus, a lack of thorough training in quality heritage interpretation was detected across the EU. People involved in interpretation of cultural and natural heritage do not have always adequate knowledge for their professional performance.

The project HeriQ aims at developing quality standards in heritage interpretation. For this purpose the ParcInterp innovation–“Quality Standards in Heritage Interpretation” is transferred to and further develop in 3 EU countries (France, Greece and Bulgaria). The project focused on the training for professional performance of the target groups of mountain, tourism and museum guides.  
It gives the opportunity to established quality standards in heritage interpretation in Partners countries and to improve VET training curriculum of partners’ countries to develop professional skills according to the needs of the labour market.

The Mediterranean Center of Environment is the Greek partner of this project, involving 5 countries:
•    National association of small and medium business (NASMB); BULGARIA, project leader, a Non-profit association
•    APARE, FRANCE, a non profit association
•    Bildungswerk interpretation; GERMANY – Consultancy, author of the innovative quality heritage interpretation training system
•    Institute Pangea – European Institute of Education and Training Environment; ITALY, Adult education providers associations
•    Heritage Interpretation Center; BULGARIA, providing guidance, counseling and information services;

The project is supported by the European Union, in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme


Main activities:
- A profound desk and on the ground work (in Bulgaria, France and Greece) to identify the character and the level of the needs of the target groups to be equipped with quality standards for heritage interpretation for better professional performance, mobility and internationalization of their jobs.
- The transfer of the ParcInterp innovation–“Quality Standards in Heritage Interpretation” method to professionals form Greece, Bulgaria and France through workshop and study visit
- A pilot testing of the training packages and method in Greece, Bulgaria and France
-    The adaptation and translation of a manual for interpreters in 4 languages
-    And the dissemination of the HeriQ approach and results

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This page reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.