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HELPS - Developping Solidary work sites & Eco-building

There is in France an effective process whereby citizens help each other to renovate their homes, with the supervision of professionals and following traditional techniques: the Chantiers Solidaires of the Association Enerterre !

The Enerterre Solidarity Work sites facilitate the renovation of habitats - particularly vernacular habitat - of people in precarious situations, by organizing participatory projects. With the support of craftsmen and trainers, volunteers are trained in eco-construction and eco-renovation, using natural material and local technics.

The HELPS project, supported by the EU programme ERASMUS+, aims to adapt and transfer the experience of the Chantiers Enerterre in Greece, Italy and Spain.

• Because the Enerterre Solidarity Workshops reinforce cohesion, reducing isolation of people in precariousness and improving their living environment.
• They offer a non-formal training method.
• They improve the habitat through the commitment of the inhabitants themselves and local self-help.
• They contribute to sustainable local development by promoting eco-construction.

Types of work undertaken by the Chantiers solidaire Enerterre
Repair work and realization of blasters; Light masonry restoration work; Wall insulation works; Preparation work before a biggest intervention

HELPS is planning a series of training workshops to transfer this method of Chantier Solidaire and will put at your disposal the tools tested and validated during the project, mainly
• a Charter and a Strategic document to convince and develop the Chantiers solitaires Enerterre
• a Guide for the development of a Chantiers solitaires Enerterre

The project is co-financed by the EU program ERASMUS+