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YOUTH EYE - Engaging Youth for European Cultural Landscapes

This project was initiated and coordinated by the French NGO APARE, and was supported by the European programm CULTURE 2000.

It aims at developing and testing a series of tools intended to stimulate and make the most of the skills young people can offer to the safeguard and enhancement of cultural landscapes such as creative inspiration, reflection, initiative and communication skills. The Mediterranean Center of Environment was responsible for the coordination of the activities developed in Greece.

The objectives were:
- to strengthen the integration of rural architectural and landscape heritage in cultural policy
- to strengthen the involvement of young European professionals and volunteers in the development of European landscape heritage

Various pilot actions have been developed involving young people:

• Two Land Art Workshops "Cultural Landscapes as a source of artistic inspiration", in Scotland (Dumfries-UK) and in Provence (Le Beaucet- France)


Grants for Local Heritage Initiatives (BIP): Cultural landscapes as a source of initiatives for young people
A call for projects focused on the protection and enhancement of European cultural landscapes: 3 groups of young people from rural areas receives a grant to support the development of their project.

• The European Workshop “ Ancient Buildings - New Uses ”:
This international multidisciplinary workshop took place in the island of Andros (Greece) and gave the opportunity for 18 young European students to work together to produce a “Guide of Good Practice” for the restoration and attribution of new uses to examples of ancient architectural heritage.  This work will be supervised by experts and will procede from concrete examples of old buildings that have been restored.


• An Awareness Raising Workshop in dry stone building techniques for youth volunteers  
12 young European volunteers received a training in restoration techniques for rural buildings, in the island of Tinos (Greece) and learned how to dress stone.

The project also developed a range of tools to mobilise young professionals for the development of European cultural landscapes:

- A “ Guide of Good Practice : Ancient Buildings – New Uses” for the restoration and attribution of new uses for ancient built heritage, produced during the European Workshop.

- An exhibition retracing the activities of the project and their results

See more on the web site of APARE