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Enviropinfo helps to develop support for better implementation of Environmental policies in Bulgaria and Turkey. Two European NGOs, Enviropea (France) and the Mediterranean Center of Environment are transfering their know-how on information diffusion and European Environmental project development.

Blue Link, in Bulgaria, and TUCEV, the Turkey Environmental Foundation have adapted and developed this know-how to strengthen their methodology and experience concerning:

- the diffusion of information on EU Environmental policy and EU policy on Sustainable development

- the development of capacity building of the local actors to develop European projects and access EU financial support for projects in environment

- the networking with UE environmental partners and the research of partners

- the involvement of Youth and Volunteers through the organisation of European Campus on Environment and Sustainable development

Through these transfer, Enviropinfo prepare the creation of a technical support force for EU project development in Bulgaria and in Turkey.

This project is supported by the European Commission