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Balkan Architectural Heritage Campus or when young students become witnesses of the historical European Cultural Heritage

The goals of this project on Balkan Architecture were the following:

• To help the European citizens realise the primary European character of this heritage and ameliorate their knowledge.

• To contribute, by the recognition of a common cultural heritage getting over the actual borders, to the consciousness of the European identity, shaped by the particularities of every people and to the approach between the countries and the people of a region troubled by conflicts and tensions.

This project was initiated and leaded by APARE-Association pour la Participation et l'Action Regionale. It took place during 2002-2003 and was supported by the European Commission, Program CULTURE 2000.

The Mediterranean Center of Environment contributed to the organisation of a moving workshop consisting of young European students in architecture, history, fine arts, photo and video art. During more than three weeks, these young poeple, coming from six different eastern and western European countries, have travelled all over the Balkans to witness and highlight the richness and the diversity of the architectural heritage of the Balkans.

The MCE also contribute to the edition of a book, ARCHITECTURE IN THE BALKANS: VARIED PERSPECTIVES. The book presents the impressions and discoveries of the young artists and architects through photos, paintings and sketches. To order it

Other partners of this project:
- Traditional Balkan Architecture Institute, in local partnership with Veria Municipality
- BAAT, National Association for the Cultural Tourism, Bulgaria
- University Professional Institute of Avignon, France
- University of Bilgi, Turkey