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Supporting the First Green City in Vietnam

The MCE was technical expert for the Greek Municipality of Amaroussion Development Company – DEADA. Together with the Community of Greater Agen - CAA (France), they support the initiatives of the People’s Committee of Dalat (PCD) in transforming Dalat into the first green city in Vietnam.

This project was supported by the European Commission, in the framework of the Asia Urbs Programme.

Dalat city is facing the problems of solid waste collection and disposal, rapid growth of traffic and vehicular congestion in city centre and the challenges of promoting ecological tourism with the active participation of the local community. Therefore, the PCD was seeking to establish partnership with European cities that can share experiences and best practices related to policies and programmes for ensuring sustainable development.

The objective of the study developed during the project was to provide assistance to the respective public and private stakeholders involved in these three areas. The study helped to identify specific themes that should be included in a development project for achieving tangible results.

It has focused on the institutional, organisational, technical, financial and social aspects necessary for Dalat to attain the “green city” status.

Responsible person: Isabelle Trinquelle