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Project ILE - First Mediterranean University on Eco-citizenship

The first Mediterranean University on Eco-citizenship organised within the framework of the ILE project will take place on October 7, 2014 in Marseille, Villa Méditerranéenne

ILE calls upon NGO and local governments involved in eco-citizenship to move forward the debate on eco-citizenship in the Mediterranean basin and to share good practice in this field.
How can mobilising citizens, and more particularly the youth, increase the efficiency of policies to protect the environment in the Mediterranean?
Why and how must the cooperation between the civilians and the local governments in the field of environmental protection be improved around the Mediterranean basin, and more particularly in the Southern countries?
These key-issues shall be debated during this day of conferences and exchange organised at Villa Méditerranée, in Marseille, which will be widely open to organisations around the Mediterranean.
A project supported by the European Union

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