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Young People – Stakeholders in Rural Europe

The “Young People – Stakeholders in Rural Europe” programme enables seven rural areas, all participating to the Leader+ initiative, to get young people involved in their projects. It also offers young people living in rural areas the opportunity to get more involved in taking forward activities for the development of their own region.

This program is supported by the Leader+ initiative of the European Union. It is co-ordinated by the SAB (Syndicat d'Amenagement des Baronnies), with the technical assistance of the GEC (Grouping of European Campuses).

The Mediterrean Centre of Environment was co-ordinating the Campus "A young person’s approach to the development of agro-tourism in Crete" in Crete – Leader+ region Lassithi, from 9th to 28th July 2007. The central objective of the Campus was to provide the Sitia Development Organization (SDO) with an “action plan” on the concept: “The Cretan diet, element of tourism promotion for the region” .
This action based on international experience and local study gave to the SDO several structured proposals for action with emphasis on the local youth employment.
See Initiates file downloadfinal proposal