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Women and Active Eco-citizenship in Europe

In the framework of the European Program « Europe for Citizen », the Mediterranean Center of Environment is responsible of the coordination of the Project « WOMEN AND ACTIVE ECO-CITIZENSHIP IN EUROPE ». This project associates 4 countries: Greece, France, Bulgaria and Czech Republic.

The objective of the project is to promote the participation of women in the development of the local environmental policies. More specifically, the project aims at identifying and promoting successful experiences of women acting in environmental NGOs or in local authorities in the 4 countries, describing their difficulties and their achievement. In the same time, the project raises awareness of women wishing to act in favour of environment on local level and show them the way for personal involvement.

For more information, see the web site of the project: www.ecowomen.eu



Transferring experience and testifying of possible changes in women participation.
The project uses the video film as a way to disseminate the experience of 16 women (4 per country) and their teams acting for the development of local environmental policies. 16 short films were realized by the women themselves, with the assistance of a professional.

To see the video-portraits

Several tools were developed during the project to disseminate the success stories and to facilitate the exchange of experience in Europe
o A compilation of around 30 experiences identified in the 4 countries will be available on the web site of the project
o Support and communication with other women in the project to initiate more local authorities and NGO to participate in a second phase of the project.

The duration of the project:
September 2008 – July 2009

The partners of the project
Centre Méditerranéen de l'Environnement – France - Project leader  
Association Les Eco Maires – France
Mediterranean Center of Environment – Greece
YMCA-Gabrovo – Bulgaria
STEP - Eco-Counselling Network – Czech Republic

Technical support: Karpos – Greece

Contact person
Isabelle Trinquelle - Mediterranean Centre of Environment

This project is supported by the European Commission