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Studies on Sustainable tourism

The Mediterranean Centre of Environment carries out impact assessment of tourism policies on the environment.

responsible person: Opens internal link in current windowIsabelle BOUCHY

Example of study

Tourism and the Structural Funds - The case of environmental Integration
A study of National and Regional Tourism Policies in Greece - 1996

The MCE worked on this study with the Oikos Nature Management Ltd for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. It investigated in detail how environmental considerations have been integrated into Greek Tourism development strategies, at the national and regional levels. The analysis was done in the context of Greece’s environmental obligations under global and European policies, such as Agenda 21, the Treaty of Maastricht, and the EU Fifth Environmental Action Plan and in the light of the new provisions on sustainable development and environmental protection introduced into the EU Structural Fund Regulations in 1993.
Particular attention was paid Nationally to the provisions for the Community Support Framework 1994-1999 and to the National Operational Programme “Tourism–Culture”. At a regional level the tourism provisions of the Regional Operational Programme for Crete were assessed in the context of National and Regional tourism, planning and environmental policies.