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Promotion of rural tourism in Greece

The Mediterranean Centre of Environment is organizing workshops for professionals and developping promotional tools to help the development of a rural sustainable tourism in Greece.  

Development of sustainable tourism in LEADER areas

Since 1999, the Mediterranean Centre of Environment helps Greek LEADER zones to develop project of International cooperation for the improvement of their strategies in sustainable tourism.

See the various activities in the framework of the European programme LEADER+

This task started in 1999 when, with the support of the DG Environment of the European Commission and the collaboration of the European Observatory LEADER, the MCE coordinated a workshop on: Information and sensitisation of local stakeholders in fragile rural areas - Integrating the environment in tourism development for a sustainable local development

Around 20 Leader areas could take part to this seminary that aimed at refine the strategy for a sustainable tourism development and at transmit to the main stakeholders some tools for its implementation.

In Greece, 3 areas were selected according to their tourism potential due to a rich environmental heritage :
* Protected area of Amvrakikos,
* Natural site of Olympus,
* Natural site of Meteoras.

Workshops for small rural tourism enterprises

In the framework of a project "Leader+ Transnational cooperation" gathering the Local Action Group of Lozère (France) and the LAG of Elassona (Greece), the MCE organised some workshops and conference to exchange good practices and know-how.

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