Global demand for cosmetics and wellness products is increasing, leading to strong growth in the production of aromatic plants on a large scale. 

The maintenance and competitiveness of the European aromatic plant production and processing sector requires strengthening of quality approaches towards organic and natural practices which meet the growing demands of consumers, contribute to the preservation of the environment and are more profitable for producers.

The ΕcoOils Project , co-financed by the Erasmus + programme, supports the training of European professionals in the cultivation and transformation of aromatic plants towards quality organic production.

The target groups are:

  • Cultivators of Aromatic Plants interested in conversion to organic production
  • Distilleries & essential oils producers
  • Trainers & coaches of agricultural producers in Aromatic Plants & Essential Oil sector
  • New entrepreneurs entering the AP, OE production

The training itself will be focused on: 

  • building new competences of the target group through an online, blended and distance learning program that is tailored-made & designed specifically to meet their needs. 
  • Expanding the pedagogical skills of the trainers in the agricultural sector, enabling them to deliver high quality inclusive digital education.

EcoOils is based on the complementary skills and experience of 6 European partners from 5 countries (France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria ) 

Tοgether with MCE

CDE Petra Patrimonia – France

Université Européenne des Saveurs et Senteurs – France


Molise verso il 2000 scrl – Italy

AVA Creations Foundation – Bulgaria