The Mediterranean Center of  Environment (MCE) and the 5 European partners of the project Acting for Responsible Tourism (‘ATRE’) are preparing the suitcases of Low Carbon Travel

A proverb says: “tourism can boil your pot as it can burn your house”. In reference to the word “atre” which in French means “hearth” but also “the family”, the project “Agir pour un Tourisme Responsable Européen” (ATRE) proposes to use this parable of a tourism that must control its contribution to climate change, of a tourism that must not burn its wings, of a tourism that must not saw off the branch on which it is sitting: a living, livable planet, proposing a great diversity of attractive and welcoming destinations! 

In synergy with ATR (France), as leader, AITR in Italy, KOAN in Spain, UPAV in Belgium and Travelpro Formations in France, the ‘ATRE’ project consists in 

involving both producers and consumers of travel and tourism services in the fight against climate change and creating a community of adults active in the production and consumption of more responsible and low-carbon travel.

3 digital tools for adult education

The project plans to produce three digital tools to educate adults on the issues:

  • an online training platform for TO and travel agencies
  • an application for 5 tourism service providers (guides &escorts, restaurants, hotels, transports and sites managers)
  • and an online game for travelers 

The objective is to understand the challenge (why act?) and develop good practices (how to act?) to fight against climate change and meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the European Green New Deal.

The official launching meeting took place in Bologna in March 2022.

Follow us in the discovery of the tourism of tomorrow! Visit the website of the project