Heritage Interpretation stories in rural Greece

The project “Stories of Heritage Interpretation in rural Greece –The rural cultural landscapes” aims to promote the intangible cultural heritage that still exists in the rural areas of Greece

Harbour Heritage Story Telling – HHST

European port cities, rich in heritage, are rarely considered tourist destinations and are often neglected by travel agents, tourism professionals and visitors themselves. 


Continuing Professional Development of Heritage Interpreters for social Inclusion and European cohesion or How can Heritage Interpreters strengthen European core values and European identity?


There is in France an effective process whereby citizens help each other to renovate their homes, with the supervision of professionals and following traditional techniques: the “Chantiers Solidaires” of the Association Enerterre !

YCARHe – Young Citizens in Action for Rural Heritage

The YCARHe Project offered pedagogical tools and resources for youth and heritage conservation organisations working in rural areas, to encourage and assist youth individual or collective initiatives in local heritage.