Preserving natural resources but also becoming more competitive is a way towards eco-citizenship...

Harbour Heritage Story Telling – HHST

European port cities, rich in heritage, are rarely considered tourist destinations and are often neglected by travel agents, tourism professionals and visitors themselves. 

Social & Nature

“People who are socially, economically, culturally, politically, institutionally or otherwise marginalized are particularly vulnerable...


The project STAIRWAY to SDG aims at professional trainers, those who, through their role, can amplify the message & involve individuals in the implementation of the SDG...


A European project on organic production and marketing of chestnuts


Continuing Professional Development of Heritage Interpreters for social Inclusion and European cohesion or How can Heritage Interpreters strengthen European core values and European identity?

Cli.C.K for Schools

The CLI.C.K FOR SCHOOLS Project (Climate Change Kit for Secondary Schools) proposes a set of cross-cutting educational tools for Mediterranean secondary schools that enables pupils to get to grips with climatic change effects in their region