CultourGastronomy seeks to encourage the preservation of gastronomic cultural heritage for the benefit of local communities and the European identity.

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Joining effort to promote local products from land & sea


The LandSea project aims at developing and testing a training program to strengthen the entrepreneurship of adult learners/workers related to the coastal and agricultural economy

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ATRE- Act for a Responsible Tourism!


The project "Agir pour un Tourisme Responsable Européen" (ATRE) proposes to use this parable of a tourism that must control its contribution to climate change...

Heritage Interpretation stories in rural Greece

The project “Stories of Heritage Interpretation in rural Greece –The rural cultural landscapes” aims to promote the intangible cultural heritage that still exists in the rural areas of Greece

ECO Hosting. net

The ECO project will be based on the joint implementation of self-diagnostic and self-training tools on environmental issues at the level of the establishment

Postman’s Road

The Postman's Road project aimed to highlight the cultural environment of the area Sfakia in Crete...


Preserving natural resources but also becoming more competitive is a way towards eco-citizenship...

Harbour Heritage Story Telling – HHST

European port cities, rich in heritage, are rarely considered tourist destinations and are often neglected by travel agents, tourism professionals and visitors themselves. 

Eurotour Heritage

Eurotour Heritage seeks to promote rural heritage through local cultural tourism strategies