CultourGastronomy supports small businesses towards sustainable gastronomy tourism!

Our European regions present a strong attractiveness of local cuisine & local products and gastronomy is definitively part of the tourist attraction. In many countries, local initiatives are launched to develop & promote gastronomic tourism in rural areas.

However, small producers are rarely involved from the start. There are very few, if any, systemic training courses that could help them better promote their products and integrate new tourism offers.

CultourGastronomy wants to develop a complete training program & digital tools to strengthen competencies of local farmers & producers, as well as family businesses in tourism. The aim is to empower them to contribute to gastronomy tourism and to the promotion of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage that constitutes the culinary identity of a region.

What are the main objectives of CultourGastronomy?

Gastronomic tourism goes beyond the mere consumption of food and helps local actors offer visitors an experience based on local cultural heritage, lifestyle, and social and environmental patterns.

CultourGastronomy seeks to encourage the preservation of gastronomic cultural heritage for the benefit of local communities and the European identity.

The project

  • enhances the key competences of local farmers, producers of traditional food & beverages and small tourism businesses in gastronomic tourism
  • promotes a different type of tourism & create new job opportunities in rural areas
  • develops sustainable partnership between farmers, food & beverage producers & tourism stakeholders

Who is this project for?

  • Small and family producers of local and typical foods and drinks
  • Tourism services providers that can diversify & improve their offer through gastronomic tourism

CultourGastronomy proposes:

  • A complete Training course for small local food & beverages producers & tourism service providers to expand their offerings & attract new tourists by developing a tourism offer.
    The training course is based on the CultourGastronomy methodology & curriculum which constitute the roadmap of the training course.
  • A Gastronomy & Cultural heritage Guidebook to raise the awareness of both business & local communities on the importance of local foods production & preservation of the culinary identity of our regions.
  • A Manual for trainers with methodological instructions on how to conduct the CultourGastronomy training course.
  • The CultourGastronomy e-learning platform which provide free access to all project results, as well as to Interactive Repository with various materials on project topics.

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This project started in December 2022 and will end in April 2025

Project No: 2022-1-FR01-KA220-VET-000086243