The project, co-financed by the Erasmus + Programme, aims to develop environmental management training and supporting tools for managers of tourist accommodation located in European natural areas, and in particular the most isolated among them.

The training tools aim both to improve the environmental management of tourist establishments, but also to offer practical, easy-to-implement and “low-cost” solutions to improve this environmental management. productions offers:

  • An environmental self-diagnostic guide, allowing managers of tourist accommodation to identify their weak points and their room for improvement with regard to environmental issues (water, energy, waste, etc.).



  • training content available on the E-learning platform of

    For tourists who wish to learn eco-friendly behavior by preparing for their stay in accommodation located in a natural area, didactic videos dedicated to eco-gestures to adopt, and information and training content on environmental themes requiring eco-citizen behavior.
    For accommodation managers, a series of thematic chapters, taking up the axes of the self-diagnosis guide. 

    The E-Learning platform open to all, online, and available in 5 languages ​​(English, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese)


ECO brings together with MCE, 4 experienced European operators:

Cooperative Sud Concept – France 

Molise il verso 2000 scrl – Italy

Aid Learn, consultoria em Recursos Humanos Lda  – Portugal

Karpos Kentro Ekpaideytikon Draseonkai Diapolitismikhs Epikoinonias   – Greece