The LandSea project aims at developing and testing a training program to strengthen the entrepreneurship of adult learners/workers related to the coastal and agricultural economy
(fishermen, farmers, tourism businesses, etc.) and the sustainability of their activities.

It should help them to develop new entrepreneurial initiatives, joining these sectors of the green and the blue economy, for a better promotion of the local products and a higher added value of the territories.


  • A Training program to help professionals to improve their entrepreneurship, their sustainability, the marketing of their products, the diversitfication of their activities, and other capacities…
  • A Guide to help ‘mentors’ to engage a participatory process to create new Discovery tours for visitors and tourists, promoting local traditional products.
  • An e-learning platform

Target Groups

  • Future mentors, young people, local developers, project leaders, farmers, breeders, fishermen.
  • Adult workers / self-employment
  • VET actors and the maritime and agricultural sector


On this project, together with the MCE

Petra Patrimonia Corsica (PPC)- France

AVA Creations– Βulgaria

Med.O.R.O.– Ιtaly

AgriFood Institute of Aragon (IA2)- Spain


FAR Maremma-Italy