Building with natural material with & for People

21 October 2020 – 9:30-12:30 CET

In the framework of the European project “HELPS”, supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, the Mediterranean Centre of the Environment and the European partners of the project invite you to the online conference.

“Building with natural material with & for People”

Natural materials have been used for thousands of years as a building material. Nowadays their use has been replaced by materials that are not always friendly to humans and to the environment.

There is an urgent need to re-evaluate and promote natural materials in constructions that are often linked to traditional know-how and tried-and-true building techniques.

This statement raises a few concerns and questions.

– Are these ecological, building techniques and materials reliable? Are they easily accessible?

– How to raise awareness of local authorities and of the public about this alternative?

– How to ensure the training of professionals in traditional techniques and the use of natural materials?

Open dialogue on the above issues, with experts in this field, from different European countries!

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The event will be held in English.
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