The Postman’s Road project aimed to highlight the cultural environment of the area Sfakia in Crete, through the promotion of the old path of the rural postman.

Objectives of the project

  • Promotion of natural and cultural environment
  • Awareness of history through personal / family mail
  • Awareness of cultural heritage

To achieve the above objectives, a series of actions were developed

  • Information / Promotion: events, documentaries, website, attendance at international tourism fairs and international conferences
  • Awareness: experiential actions for local residents and children
  • Preservation: mapping, chronicle of cultural heritage, interviews with residents
  • Education: material and environmental program for schools of the region, material for the tourist guides





The project was funded by the “Innovative Actions with Citizens” program of the “Natural Environment & Innovative Actions, 2018”, financial program of the Green Fund. 

Together with MCE in this project, the Management Body of the National Park of Samaria as well as the Heritage Management Organization

With the support of: Municipality of Sfakia, KPE Vamos, Directorate of Primary Education of Chania, Forest Department of Chania.