In 2015, the UN adopted the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, an opportunity for countries and their societies to embark on a new path which could improve the lives of all through 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These SDGs design objectives and values that should be internalized and transformed into daily and sustainable practices. 

The project STAIRWAY to SDG aimed specifically at those professionals, educators, trainers, tutors who, through their role, can amplify the message and involve individuals in the implementation of the SDG.

Partners of STAIRWAY to SDG, coming from Spain, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Italy developed for this project an online platform addressed to vocational trainers and educators. An APP for mobile is proposed to learners to check their knowledge!

The Mediterranean Centre of Environment worked more specifically on the values and sustainable objectives of SDG on Climate action (SDG13), protection of seas and oceans (SDG14) ecosystems and biodiversity on land (SDG15). 

The innovative tools of the project are available in 6 different languages (Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Dutch and English). 


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