The COP21 guidelines, adopted in Paris in December 2015, highlighted the importance of education and awareness to understand climate change issues and inherent changing behaviour, especially among young people. This growing concern and subsequent development of educational programmes bring new needs in terms of teaching resources.

The project Cli.c.k for schools offered an educational kit dedicated to climate change in the Euro-Mediterranean region for children aged 11-15 and their teachers. The approach was multidisciplinary and multicultural, it is based on a partnership that mobilizes schools and organizations specialized in environmental education to facilitate direct and free access to educational resources.

Through a series of resource sheets, activity sheets and an interactive game, this educational kit aimed to:

  • provide teachers with adequate resources for understanding climate phenomena and issues in the Mediterranean region
  • encourage the local involvement of students and their international openness
  • bring interactive resources.


• Educational resources that identify the effects of climate change on the area where students live
• The concrete enhancement of students’ ability to act on their environment
• Provide educational resources based on the results achieved by the new information and communication technologies
• Highlight the diversity of geographical contexts: coastal, urban and rural aspects characteristic of the Mediterranean regions

Diagnostic of the practices and pedagogical references

The CLI.C.K FOR SCHOOLS Project (Climate Change Kit for Secondary Schools) was based on a Euro-Mediterranean Partnership of 4 countries (France, Italy, Greece, Croatia), including organisations active in the field of environmental education and secondary schools.

CLI.C.K FOR SCHOOLS project has been selected as an example of “Good Practice”  by the French National Agency Erasmus+ in 2020!