This project wants to dive into the needs and experience of 10 European organizations in the youth field, on human rights education, climate action and its intersectionalities, creating a common ground of understanding in areas of action that usually are not linked, and to envision strategies to work collectively towards the empowerment of youth as resilient actors in the face of the climate crisis.

The MCE has participated in the training course that took place in Porto, Portugal from 29th October to 4th November 2022. Rede Inducar has organized & hosted this event. Our two greek partners were part of a team involved in Human Rights Education and/or Climate Action in Europe, specifically from Portugal, Greece, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria and Estonia.

The aim was to create a diverse group, with different profiles and experiences, as with different perspectives learning process would be richer and more productive. The participants had the following profiles: Trainers, Educators, Youth Workers, Activists and others who work with young people.


Together with MCE on this project…

Bangherang, Italy
CAAT Projects, Netherlands
Infinite Opportunities, Bulgaria
Jaan Tõnissoni Instituut, Estonia
One Humanity Institute, Poland
Rede Inducar, Portugal
Youropía, Spain
WWF – ANP, Portugal