A training for educators and  youth workers seeking a  multidisciplinary and multicultural educational kit dedicated to climate change in the Euro-Mediterranean region for children aged 11-15

Objective: This training aims at equipping teachers with a rich educational kit that enables them to: a. better grasp climate phenomena and its effects in the local environment b. engage their students in taking action locally but also internationally and c. use interactive resources.



This training has been developed for:

  • teachers looking for online resources to understand climate phenomena and issues in the Mediterranean region, and to enhance their students’ ability to act on their environment
  • educators seeking to encourage the local involvement of students and their global perspective of the phenomenon

Duration: recommended duration is a 2-day training x 2.

Participation fee : subject to fine-tuning according to final number of participants, duration and location of the training (to be announced closer to the dates of delivery)

Certification : A certificate of attendance will be delivered by the MCE 

More information : please contact us at info@medcenv.org, adding the Title of the training you are interested in the subject line.

This training program was developed through a European cooperation, learn more on here