A training for tourism professionals on how to explore heritage interpretation to create memorable, meaningful and appealing experiences for visitors 

Objective: to develop your skills on heritage interpretation as a technique that turns heritage into a meaningful experience and inspires stewardship for all heritage to visitors. 



This training has been developed for:

  • Tour operators wishing to develop experiences promoting natural and cultural heritage
  • Tourist guides who wish to learn how to use heritage interpretation in their guiding
  • Cultural associations aiming at presenting local heritage to visitors and tourists

Duration: the training includes 2 online introductory sessions, followed by a 2 days face-to-face training. 

Participation fee : may vary according to final number of participants, duration and location of the training (to be announced closer to the dates of delivery)

Number of participants: 10 persons maximum

More information : please contact us at info@medcenv.org, and add in Title of the training you are interested in.

This training program was developed through a European cooperation, learn more on here