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  1. Select 5 good practices from the list of 9 suggested options 
  2. Challenge yourself to apply them during your stay
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1. “Should we switch the air-conditioning on?

When it’s hot, that’s what you do, right? Try to set it no more than 5°C lower than the outside temperature. If you set it much colder, it can be bad for your health. Also, did you know that you consume 4% more energy for every additional degree? A temperature of 26°C is in tune with our body temperature, so you’ll feel good and save energy too!

2. Every drop of water is precious

Forecasts on climate change say that some 30% of Greece could suffer from drought conditions in the next few decades. A simple and effective way to tackle this is don’t leave the tap running when you wash your hands, take a shower, brush your teeth or clean your belongings.

3. Singing in the shower!

The average European citizen spends 9 to 16 minutes in the shower. That’s way too long! Try to think of a shower song of 3 to 5 minutes, no more and sing it or press play! Alternatively, take a cold shower. It’s good for your health and a great incentive to spend less time in the shower!

4. Unplug it!

Laptop or smartphone chargers continue to use electricity when you leave them plugged in, so unplug your devices and your chargers when you hit 100%!

5. Give single-use plastic bags a new life

Re-use plastic bags that you buy or are given when you do your shopping on holiday. 100 billion single-use plastic bags are used each year in Europe for just 20-minutes on average!

6. The plastic-free picnic challenge

Fancy a picnic on the beach or by the side of a quiet country lane? Why not test yourself with a plastic-free picnic? It’s a challenge but you can do it! Savour some classic Greek cheese or spinach pies. Buy some “koulouria” (Greek sesame bread rings), olives in glass jars, loose Greek pistachios, as well as tasty local fruits and vegetables that you can take away in paper bags provided. Don’t forget to fill your water bottle and surf the web for other great ideas!

7. Cut your CO2 

Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is the main driver of climate change, so you’ve got to be smart when it comes to cutting your CO2 emissions. At the beach, try paddle-boarding or kayaking rather than a jet ski or a banana boat ride. Look for public transport options to island-hop or go from one village to another. Or better still, hire a bike!

8.Mouth-watering Greek cuisine!

Eat local by buying your food in local markets and small shops. Cutting supply chains for consumer goods helps limit road haulage and is good for the local economy. You’ll also be helping preserve the cultural identity, skills and customs of a local area. Try out local dishes in the tavernas or visit local producers and enjoy every opportunity to taste local food and even a cookery lesson!

9.There’s beauty in nature

Greece’s natural wonders and the quality of its landscapes are part of its powers of seduction! All you have to do is just follow a few golden rules to protect and enjoy nature: Keep your distance from wild animals (particularly during mating and nesting periods), don’t pick wild flowers or seashore plants, don’t litter protected areas and please don’t start a fire or barbecue when picnicking or camping!

Each challenge amplifies our ECHO!

We thank you for your contribution!



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