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Preserving natural resources but also becoming more competitive is a way towards eco-citizenship, the project ECHO-Tourism aimed at providing local stakeholders, specialized in rural tourism – mainly small and familial enterprises and those contributing to the attraction of the area  – with a set of various tools, already tested and validated in some specific region.

Owners of hotels, restaurants, outdoor activities, local shops or craft work, developed new competencies and basic skills to reduce their footprint. 

By creating new training material and methods and organizing training workshops, based on a methodology developed in France, ECHO-Tourism project aimed at integrating stakeholders into the process of low-cost changes and adaptation.

Available through the internet, this material is accompanied by a collaborative online place, a MOOC (online training) and an online performance support -Platform ECHO-tourism.

The Mediterranean Center of Environment has collaborated, in Greece, with OLKIS (Professional Network in the tourism sector – region of Olympus-Kissavo) & other professionals from the area of Zagori & the islands.

The second training of ECHO-Tourism project took place from the 7th to the 9th of April. This training followed a first one that happened in September 2020 and it was about testing and improving the different tools.

The multiplier event of the project in Greece was held in Agia- Larisa & it has been a success in terms of participation, as almost 50 people took part at the training. These participants were tourism professionals coming from the four territories involved in ECHO.


Together with MCE in this project:

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IniSeo- France


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