The Mediterranean Centre of Environment is promoting eco-citizenship. An eco-citizen is a citizen aware that he/she belong to an area in which his/her lifestyle is has a direct link and impact. An eco-citizen has rights and obligations to their surroundings.

Through Euro-mediterranean partnerships, the MCE support the development of responsible behaviour, civil society empowerment and participative decision-making processes that can contribution to a sustainable development.

Stairway to SDG 3.0

Ecocitizenship, Projects

Stairway to SDG 3.0 wants to keep and promote a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and technological approach in order to prepare and train our “Sustainability Makers”…


Ecocitizenship, Sustainable Development

The LandSea project aims at developing and testing a training program to strengthen the entrepreneurship of adult learners/workers related to the coastal and agricultural economy


Ecocitizenship, Projects

The project STAIRWAY to SDG aims at professional trainers, those who, through their role, can amplify the message & involve individuals in the implementation of the SDG…