Νew project: ECO Hosting. net!


The ECO project aims to develop environmental management training and supporting tools for managers of tourist accommodation located in European natural areas, and in particular the most isolated among them.

Launch of Echo-Tourism website!


We are proud to announce the launch of Echo-Tourism website!

ECHO-Tourism is an european project aiming to involve many tourism professionals and tourists to reach a greener and more sustainable tourism and to bring their responsible behaviors back home!

The objective of this website is to present the project in a simple and accessible way to everyone that could be interested in getting involved, or just to know more about what can be done to reach a more respectful way of travelling.

Visiting the site you will get an earful about the training and the custom-made tools targeting tourism professionals and tourists: a MOOC (online training), a guide and a monitoring platform, which will be available and free to use for everyone. Every news and event will be shared as well: you won’t miss any important step of the project!

Please take a first look :!

Don’t hesitate to show your interest and contact us !

European Wetlands Ambassadors-AMHE

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The Erasmus + project “AMHE-European Wetlands Ambassadors” is part of a social action to address long-term unemployment funded by the European Social Fund.


AMHE project aims to develop and improve participants skills but also their professional recognition and reintegration in the maintenance/care of rivers and wetlands.

The project  undertakes two european challenges:

  • To provide better quality training and sustainable career prospects to people who are out of the labor market and will join it through economic activities
  • To meet the needs of the protection and development of European natural wetlands and rivers, a goal supported by the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive, which imposes on European communities and countries-members , conservation, anti-pollution, surveillance tasks, natural hazards and general information to public.

Expected results:

  • Establishing a new profession, the “Wetlands Ambassador”
  • Develop and test of training content
  • Skills assessment / certification process
  • Resource center and e-learning tools

MCE provides technical support to the Municipality of Alimos the Greek partner of this project together with:


Our new Erasmus+ project on organic Chestnut!


EcoChestnut aims at fostering professional knowledge and competences of the European chestnuts producers on organic chestnuts production through an e-learning platform that comprises in one place, online, free learning resources focused on technical aspects, as well as marketing and diversification of the activity. It tackles all steps for “conversion” to organic chestnut growing, marketing strategy, communication with customers, etc.