Le Mediterranean Centre of Environment travaille avec d’autres associations de la Méditerranée et des Balkans pour renforcer les capacités d’action de la société civile, son accès à l’information et un travail en réseau. Dans ce contexte, notre action donne une importance particulière au renforcement de la participation des jeunes et des femmes.

Women & Active Eco-citizenship in Europe

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Between September 2008 and July 2009, the Mediterranean Center of Environment coordinated the Project “Eco-women” for Women & Active Eco-citizenship in Europe, which associated 4 countries: Greece, France, Bulgaria and Czech Republic.

The objective was to promote the participation of women in the development of the local environmental policies. More specifically, Eco-women wanted to identifying and promoting successful experiences of women acting in environmental NGOs or in local authorities in the 4 countries, describing their difficulties and their achievement. In the same time, the project raised awareness of women wishing to act in favour of environment on local level and show them the way for personal involvement.

Transferring experience and testifying of possible changes in women participation:
The project uses the video film as a way to disseminate the experience of 16 women (4 per country) and their teams acting for the development of local environmental policies. 16 short Portrait videos were realized by the women themselves, with the assistance of a professional.

The project Eco-Women - See the video

It also produced a compilation of 34 experiences identified in the 4 countries to disseminate success stories and to facilitate the exchange of experience in Europe

The partnership of Eco-Women

Centre Méditerranéen de l’Environnement – France – Project leader

Association Les Eco Maires – France

Mediterranean Center of Environment – Greece

YMCA-Gabrovo – Bulgaria

STEP – Eco-Counselling Network – Czech Republic

Technical support: Karpos – Greece

Social & Nature

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“People who are socially, economically, culturally, politically, institutionally or otherwise marginalized are particularly vulnerable to climate change as well as to some adaptation and mitigation strategies.” (IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

Social & Nature is a project, developed by 6 partners in 4 different European countries (Belgium, France, Greece, Italy) for  vocational education and training.

Its aim is the prevention and climate changes’ mitigation of environmental disasters which impact significantly on groups that already are socially, economically and culturally vulnerable.

It has 2 specific objectives:

  • Create a transnational consortium to build a European framework for the training of trainers working in the social sector and act as mediators and facilitators towards vulnerable groups.
  • Produce simple and easy didactic tools to be used by training centers and institutions.



Together with the MCE, the partners of Social & Nature






European Wetlands Ambassadors-AMHE

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The Erasmus + project “AMHE-European Wetlands Ambassadors” is part of a social action to address long-term unemployment funded by the European Social Fund.


AMHE project aims to develop and improve participants skills but also their professional recognition and reintegration in the maintenance/care of rivers and wetlands.

The project  undertakes two european challenges:

  • To provide better quality training and sustainable career prospects to people who are out of the labor market and will join it through economic activities
  • To meet the needs of the protection and development of European natural wetlands and rivers, a goal supported by the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive, which imposes on European communities and countries-members , conservation, anti-pollution, surveillance tasks, natural hazards and general information to public.

Expected results:

  • Establishing a new profession, the “Wetlands Ambassador”
  • Develop and test of training content
  • Skills assessment / certification process
  • Resource center and e-learning tools

MCE provides technical support to the Municipality of Alimos the Greek partner of this project together with:



Eco-citoyenneté, Projets

Le projet STAIRWAY to SDG s’adresse aux professionnels qui, de par leur rôle, peuvent amplifier le message et impliquer les individus dans la mise en œuvre des SDGs…